Security Warning Issued by Apple for all Macs!

  Apple Issue Mac Security Warning
Over the past couple of days, Apple have released warnings about the security to Macs as over 500,000 units have been declared infected. It is a malware infection (aka malicious software) know as a Trojan that compromises the security of your passwords and usernames. Naturally, this can result in outsiders determining such details from online forums to banking details.

How the Mac Trojan infect my Mac?
This malware is typically contracted and self installs after users visit legitimate websites that have been infected. Unfortunately there’s no knowing exactly which websites have been infected. So without the proper protection, you’re a sitting duck!

How can I protect against Mac Malware and the Mac Trojan?
Apple have released some java updates which can help to reduce the chance of infection, but it won’t necessarily removed the infection itself. This still leaves you with the underlying problem that your passwords and usernames could be compromised. As such the best way to curb any issues is by using a legitimate Mac cleaning software such as Mac Keeper. They even have a free trial.

The latest security scare has come as a shock to Apple but they’re confident that with constant software updates and the appropriate Mac cleaning software, no Macs should be compromised.

If you have any further Mac security concerns, you could visit the Mac Keeper website.

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