MacKeeper – The Mac cleaner

What is MacKeeper?

You’ve probably heard by now about a unique piece of Apple Mac software called MacKeeper. What exactly is MacKeeper and what does it do? Well the geniuses at Kromtech have come up with solution for mac computers to combat a range of issues faced by mac users and computer operators in general. They’ve targeted the obvious flaws of not just the mac, but also the flaws on how humans operate and organize their computers. Such issues, and not limited to, includes cleaning your mac, securing your mac, protecting your mac data, optimizing speed and general mac maintenance.

MacKeeper cleans your mac

One of the best functions about MacKeeper is it’s ability to clean your mac. I clean my mac on a regular basis using MacKeeper and it’s such a simple and quick way to keep things in order. Sure, there’s definitely some things you can do yourself without such software but you’re likely to miss some things and it’s always very manual. MacKeeper makes light work of cleaning unwanted or unused files from your computer. Particularly temporary caches, logs, unused language packs and legacy applications parts. What’s more, it scans for files that are duplicates and removes any that are unwanted or unused. It’s a great way to maintain your mac on the fly and really, without even thinking about it!

Mac Security
There’s still a common misconception getting around the mac’s are completely safe and void from any security or virus issues. This is not the case. Sure, your average mac is probably a little more secure than your average PC, however there’s still some serious security considerations that must be looked into. MacKeeper offers several state of the are forms of mac security. Firstly, internet security. The features this software offer include safe browsing as well as bullet proof antivirus protection. Secondly, Anti-theft. If you have your mac stolen, you will be able to pin-point exactly where you mac is at any time, anywhere in the world. Not only this, but MacKeeper will also take a snapshot of the user in question, which you can take to the relevant authorities.

Speed optimization
To say MacKeeper optimizes speed is really an understatement. It enhances speed incredibly. How do they do it? Well, it may sound simple, and it probably is, but it’s something which you rarely think about. MacKeeper does it every day. It will track which programs are being used unnecessarily on start-up and allow you to easily manage those which are just a hindrance to your mac speed. Furthermore, it tracks all necessary application updates or software upgrades necessary to running specific programs at their optimum speed.

Data protection
Have you ever deleted a file, removed it from your trash, only to realize later that you really actually needed that file? MacKeeper solves this problem by allowing you to search for and recover any file you otherwise though was gone for good. MacKeeper’s user friendly backup is a quick and easy way to regularly back up you entire mac’s hard drive.

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