MacKeeper Free

MacKeeper Free
Many cleaning programs for the mac are great but they all have some flaws. We have had some favorites up, but none better up until now with MacKeeper free being our new favorite Mac cleaning program.

What is MacKeeper?
MacKeeper is for the mac OSX Lion and it has  a lot of great features such as shredder, duplicates finder, data recovery, anti-theft service, system cleaner, back-up disk explorer, hider, personal support service, and uninstaller. This is a ton of great features for one program to have.

If you had to install all these programs as single utility programs your task bar would be full and your system will slow down a great deal. Utility programs can take up a lot of memory not to mention disc space. MacKeeper free even has its own support service by chat, email, or the phone so you can always get comprehensive help when you need it. There’s a 1-year single user license with the Mac Keeper software.

The cleaner has 6 different cleaner types which includes

  • Cache Cleaner
  • Binary Cutter
  • Duplicates Finder
  • Log Cleaner
  • Language Cleaner
  • Old Files Cleaner

By using these cleaners we were able to get a lot more disc space with MacKeeper free. The cleaners in this program work very well and you’ll get a nice disc after you run them all. You don’t have to run everyone, but it helps if you do.

The back-up with this program is very easy to use. Add a file to your back-up destination and then just hit back-up. You get set your frequency such as one month or every day if you want.

Data Encryptor
Use this by setting a simple password and you’ll be set-up to use it. This works quite well in MacKeeper free.

Default Apps
With the default apps you can manage your file extensions in one location.

Disc Usage
This shows the file and folders where you store your largest files and you can remove files and folders if you want to.

Login Items
This allows you to manage your login items that start when you boot the system up to save you memory and login time.

This works like a paper shredder and once you put files through it you can’t get them back. This help you delete those files you don’t want anyone else to see.

Use this to get back files you delete by mistake. Use it to find those files you need back from your trash. Hit the recover button and then select your destination.

Wise Uninstaller
We always have programs we don’t want on our computer. Use this uninstall program to get rid of programs and even plug-ins you no longer want on your system.

Anti-Theft Service
If you’re Mac is stolen you don’t have to worry. You can report your Mac stolen by logging into the MacKeeper site. MacKeeper can take a picture of the theft in action so you have something to give the authorities.

MacKeeper free has a very solid base of applications in one program. You could spend a ton for all these great utilities so this program is a mac cleaner winner to own.

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