Mac Spyware Cleaners

It’s fair to say that ‘generally speaking’ Mac users are well protected from spam, malware, trojens and the like, and hence ‘generally speaking’ there’s not much need for a Mac Cleaner that will protect you against such things. I use the ‘general speaking’ term very generally. Because there are exceptions. For example in June 2010, Mac antivirus software begun detecting the spyware called OSX/OpinionSpy. Typically this was inadvertently downloaded through MP3 converters and screensavers. It tracked personal data from safari and iChat. Of course there have been noted cases where Mac service representatives actually uploaded viruses and spyware onto Macs, but this is pretty extreme and hardly worth worrying about.

If you feel as though you really want a Mac Cleaner with anti virus or anti-spam capabilities, there are several on the market and are reasonably priced. Norton do a version (probably one of the better ones), however it’s not guaranteed to pick up everything. When you do start looking and eventually decide to download one, make sure it will remove blacklisted tracking cookies without removing saved usernames, passwords, and saved websites, as this is just a huge pain. Some such Mac Cleaners, will also offer to clean Internet browsers and offer complete privacy wipes by deleting caches, browsing histories etc. MacScan’s blacklisted cookie scanner allows users to quickly remove unwanted tracking cookies without disrupting saved information such as usernames, passwords, or preferences for websites.

Of course the ultimate way to prevent viruses on a Mac and often any computer, is to only use trusted websites and download only what you know is safe

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