Mac Cleanup Software Free Download

Mac Cleanup Software Free Download

Looking for cleanup software free download programs for your Mac? There are many software programs you can use for your Macintosh computer to clean software off your system such as CleanMyMac as well as other programs. One program that has been gaining in popularity is called MacKeeper. This is a great cleaning tool and it does several amazing things in regards to cleaning your Macintosh computer.

Great Cleaning Tool
MacKeeper is a cleanup software free download application so you don’t have to pay for a trial version. If you like the program you can pay $39.95 which still makes this program very affordable for most people. You get a ton of great programs in one for cleaning your computer. There’s a log cleaner, binary cutter, language cutter, duplicated finder, cache cleaner, and an old file cleaner included with this utility. Once the program is installed it will perform cleaning and cut down on the clutter of your drive by a wide margin.

You will notice a big difference in the operation of your drive one you use this cleanup software free download application. The scan will take about five to ten minutes and then you’ll know what is going on with your drive. The old file finder is great to remove those old files you no longer and is one example of the capabilities of this simple program. If you bought all these utilities together you would be paying a ton more for them.

The Programs

  • Backup – This program works with ease. Just click on your file for the backup and where you want to store that file. You can set your preferences as to when you want to back up your system.
  • Data Encryptor –This is a security feature where you can set a password before you do other tasks to keep your data secure form others.
  • Default Applications – Works to manage your file extensions in one central place eon your system.
  • Disc Usage – Allows you to choose folders and files to save or remove.
  • Login items –Manages the applications and items you use at the startup of your system. This can help speed up the system by removing programs you don’t need on a clean boot.
  • Shredder – Removes files you don’t want completely off of your drive. This keeps your data safe and protected from those that want to steal it.
  • Undelete – Sometimes we delete files by mistake and this program will bring those files back for you. Just pick the files you want to undelete and this program does the rest.
  • Wise Uninstaller – This lets you uninstall any application that you want.
  • Anti-Theft Service – This will track down the computer if it’s stolen. You can use the MacKeeper website for this.

Perfect Utility Program
This cleanup software free download application has a ton of great uses. MacKeeper really is a tool you need for your Mac computer as it does so much for so little money. This is one recommended product if you own a Macintosh computer. zp8497586rq

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